Highland High School
Highland School District
A Division
Highland High School Scottie Marching Band
11:00 AM

John Straehle, Band Director

SCHOOL NAME:        Highland High School

Director: John Straehle
Music: John Straehle
Color Guard: John Straehle
Percussion: John Straehle

AWARDS, HONORS, AND GENERAL INFORMATION about your school or band.

3rd Place, 2006 Harvest Festival "A" Division; 3rd Place, 2006 Puget Sound Marching Band Festival "A" Division; 2nd Place, 2005 Harvest Festival "A" Division; 3rd Place, 2005 Auburn Veterans Day Festival "A" Division; 3rd Place, 2004 Cavalcade of Bands "A" Division.

DRUM MAJOR: Jonathan Myers

1. Monk's Chant / He Is Not Dead Yet!
2. Find Your Grail
3. Knights of the Round Table
4. Always Look on the Brightside of Life


Sit back as we take you back to 932 AD England and King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. Laugh with us as we perform the Broadway music from Spamalot based on the movie, "Monty Python and the Holy Grail". We hope you enjoy our production and Trojan Rabbit. We wish to thank all the parents that helped us with this years show.

Naches Valley High School
Naches Valley School District
Naches, WA
A Division
Ranger Band
11:15 AM

Jeremy Freisz, Band Director

senior drum majors:Joel doehle, Lainey Prest
Junior drum major:Dwight Wilks

Color Gaurd Captains: Dani Mansfield, Whitney Shirley


The sky is the limit with this high-flying and imaginative show. You will take off and soar along on a musical adventure. "Flight is a first-class ticket!"

Music Selections Are:

Fanfare for the Third Planet
Into the Light

Drill Design by: Tom Weidner

Color Gaurd Choreography by: David Bolzman

Sultan High School
Sultan School District
Sultan, WA
A Division
Sultan High School
11:30 AM

Jill Sumpter, Band Director

The Sultan High School Marching Band is under the direction of Jill Sumpter and Jon Pardue. Percussion Instructor is Richard Davis, Pit Instructor is Tabby Bower, and Color Guard Instructor is Jennifer Corcoran. Drum Majors are seniors Katie Stone and Nick Pardue. This years' show is entitiled "On Leave" and includes selections from the Swing Era, including "It Don't Mean a Thing if it Ain't got that Swing","String of Pearls", "In the Mood", "Woodchopper's Ball", "Moonlight Serenade" and "Swing, Swing, Swing". Soloists include Micheal Tran, Patrick Eggleson, and Hunter Kleinman. The "Turk" Marching Band would like to thank the Sultan Music Parents for all they do, and the community of Sultan for their support.

Hermiston High School
Umatilla School District
Hermiston, OR
AA Division
Hermiston High School Marching Band
1:00 PM

Kim Walker, Band Director

The Hermiston High School Marching Band and Color Guard is proud to present their 2007 competitive season show, 'The Music of Stevie Wonder', featuring the tunes, "Sir Duke," "I Wish," and "Isn't She Lovely".   

The Hermiston High School Marching Band has a long tradition of excellence, and is pleased to perform for you today.

Cheney High School
Cheney School District
Cheney, Washington
AA Division
Cheney High School Marching Band
1:15 PM

Mike Suhling, Band Director

The Cheney High School Marching Band is excited to return to their 1st year in the competitive marching band world after not competing for the last few years. The members of the band would like to thank the Cheney School District and Community for their continued support in reforming and reinventing a vibrant and active instrumental music program at CHS. In addition, the group offers a huge thanks to all the parents that put in countless hours in support of a new beginning for the CHS Band Program. The Cheney High School Band and Percussion Program consists of 2 Jazz Ensembles, 2 percussion ensemble classes, and 2 Concert Ensembles. The 2007 Cheney High School Marching Band is proudly presenting the music of Mussorgsky, Pictures at an Exhibition arranged by Roland Barrett.

Director: Mike Suhling
Percussion: Chris Grant
Color Guard: Heather Petro
Drill: Jeff Fackler
Music: Pictures at an Exhibition (Roland Barrett)   

West Valley High School (Spokane)
West Valley School District
Spokane, WA
AA Division
1:30 PM

Jim Loucks, Band Director

The 2007 West Valley High School "Eagle" Marching Band is pleased to present its show, "A Nautical Fantasy."

Musical selections include:

“Nautical Fantasy”
“Drunken Sailor”
“Row Yo’ Boat”
“Eternal Father, Strong to Save” (Navy Hymn)/”Victory at Sea”

Staff includes:

Band Director – Jim Loucks
Color Guard Instructor - Lorie Alsperger
Drum Line Instructor - Andrew Craig
Pit Percussion Instructor - Ashley Belcher
Band Camp Instructors - Ashley Bell, Andrew Fudge, Gail Phillips, Rich Sonnemaker, and Heather Wisswell
Band Booster President - Bill Vaughn
Drum Majors - Hannah Begley and Clinton Slovarp
Color Guard Captains - Allison Salisbury and Joselyn Spacek
Drum Line Captain - Stephanie Hjortedal

Drill Design - Kyle Bosch
Musical Arrangements - Jay Dawson
Percussion Arrangements - Jeff Beckman and Andrew Craig

We hope you enjoy our show!

Tumwater High School
Tumwater School District
Tumwater, WA
AA Division
Marching Thunderbirds
1:45 PM

Peter Klinzman, Band Director

Black Hills High School
Tumwater School District
Olympia, WA
AA Division
Black Hills High School Marching Band
2:00 PM

Timothy Kellis, Band Director

Group Name:        Black Hills High School Marching Band and Color Guard

Director of Bands:        Tim Kellis

Staff:        Percussion Instructor:        Keith Mitchell
        Guard Instructor:        Mara Osborn

Drum Majors:        Mason Payne
                Isaiah Dominquez
                Stephanie Valiant

Program Design: Tim Kellis
Guard Design:        Tim Kellis, Mara Osborn

Musical Selections By:        Aaron Copland
Percussion Adapted By:        Keith Mitchell

Performance Selections:        Fanfare for a Common Man
                                An Outdoor Overture
                                The Promise of Living
                                Copland Finale

Although Aaron Copland was not born in the United States his music suggest a great love and patriotism for his new found home. A taste of down home American spirit can be found in many of his compositions such as Rodeo, Billy the Kid, and Hoe down, known by most as the beef commercial song. The Black Hills Band and color guard is proud to present “Spirit of America” as our 2007 field show.

Black Hills High School Marching Band and Color Guard has competed through out the
Northwest over the past 6 years, earning many first place, high percussion, and high visual awards. Black Hills High School prides it’s self on a well rounded music program. We currently offer Jazz Band, Concert Band, Symphonic Band and multiple
percussion ensembles. Our Jazz Band earned first place in the AA division at the 2006 Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival, and our percussion ensembles have consistently
performed the last 5 years at the WIAA State solo and Ensemble competition held at Central Washington University.

A big thanks goes out to the Black Hills Band Parents and Band Staff for their hard work, dedication and commitment to the art of music.


A.C. Davis High School
Yakima School District
Yakima, WA
Exhibition Division
Buccaneer Marching Band and Color Guard
2:15 PM

Scott Goranson, Band Director

The A.C. Davis Buccaneer Marching Band and Color Guard is directed of Scott Goranson. Assistant Band Directors are Mike Helseth and Mark Claassen. Color Guard instructor is Kelli Forthun. Pit instructor is Bill Kunze. Brass Instructor is Sean McClanahan, Drum Line Instructor is Darren Macri.   The Band is under the field direction of Drum Majors Kalyn Foster, Allison Kunze and Lisa Hoge. Color Guard Captains are JJ Forthun and Ashley Larson. Trumpet Soloist is Carlos Pizano. Melophone Soloist is Justin Brown. Piccolo Soloists are Danae Rowe and Riley Luvaas.

The 2007 show is entitled Conquest of Gold. Music and drill composed by Tim Hinton. Percussion music written by Chris Walker. The three movements are entitled Conquest for Gold, Reverence, and Machismo.

The band and color guard members would like to thank the Buccaneer Band Boosters for their support again this season. During the 2006-2007 school year, the band program was represented by 8 students at the WIBC conference, as well as numerous entries at State Solo and Ensemble, including the Davis Percussion Ensemble who placed 3rd in Large Ensemble, and Geoff Smith on Timpani, who placed second. The Davis Wind Ensemble and Concert Band both received Superior ratings at the 2007 YVMEA Regional Instrumental Music Adjudication.
The Davis High School Winter Drum Line also performed at the Blue Man Group concert in Yakima, and took part in a 3 hour private clinic, as well as VIP backstage passes to the event. The band is currently planning a second European Tour in the spring of 2009 with the Davis Choir program.

On behalf of the Yakima School District, the students, staff and parents of the Buccaneer Band and Color Guard welcome you to Yakima, and thank you for attending the Harvest Marching Band Festival.

Eisenhower High School
Yakima School District
Yakima, WA
Exhibition Division
Eisenhower Cadet Marching Band
2:30 PM

Dave Walter, Band Director

The Eisenhower Cadet Marching Band from Yakima, Washington is under the direction of David Walter with assistance from Percussion Instructor John Johnson, Color Guard Advisor Chris Walter, Color Guard Chorographer Teena Baile, Drill Instructor Lara Nelson, and Drill Designer Brian Bailie.

Drum Major Scott Dohrman leads the Ike Band. Color Guard Captains are Amanda Andrews and Taylor Keeton.

The Eisenhower Instrumental department traveled to Italy in spring 2007, and is gearing up for a Disney trip spring 2008.

Recent Accomplishments for the Cadet Marching Band include Best Music AAA-small Tumwater Marching Competition 2006, 1st place AAAA division in the Wenatchee Apple Blossom Grand Parade, 2nd place in the Ellensburg Rodeo Parade, 1st in the Yakima SunFair Parade, and 1st in the AAA-small division in the Apple Capitol Marching Band Festival.

The band would like to thank all of its parent boosters, parent volunteers and school administrators for their support.

Bonney Lake High School
Sumner School District
Bonney Lake, WA
AAA-S Division

3:00 PM

Don Neptun, Band Director

This is the first season that the Panther Marching Band has performed a field show. During the last two years the Panther Marching Band has participated in the Daffodil Parade and last year won the Gig Harbor Maritime Festival Parade.

This year's show is titled "James Bond: 007" The show music includes:
African Rundown (from Casino Royale)
Nothing Sinister (from Casino Royale)
Welcome to Cuba (from Die Another Day)
Vesper (from Casino Royale)
Theme from Goldeneye
Theme form Licence to Kill
James Bond Theme

The drum majors are Andrew Potts & Douglas Mackley. Music & visual design by Don Neptun.

Note: the band's uniforms are not yet finished being manufactured. Attached is a picture of the band's uniform.

Shelton High School
Shelton School District
Shelton, WA
AAA-S Division
Highclimber Marching Band
3:15 PM

Randy Grostick, Band Director

Shelton High School
Highclimber Marching Band
Shelton, WA

Director: Randy Grostick
Percussion: Keith Mitchell
Drill Design: Mitch DeGrace
Guard: Tyra Mitchell
Additional Instruction: Jim Johnson & Mandi Johnson

Music by: Richard Saucedo & Michael McIntosh
Title: Minimally Speaking
          (in three parts: New Rhythmics, Layers, & Echoes)

Drum Majors: Chris Fitchitt & Natalie Hobson
Guard Captains: Sarah Gates & Mandy Speer

The Highclimber Marching Band would like to thank our parents and community for their continued support over the years.

University High School
Central Valley School District
Spokane, WA
AAA-S Division
University High School Marching Band and Colorguard
3:30 PM

Mark Tietjen, Band Director

Adiemus: We Will Draw Near

Visually and musically captivating, “Adiemus” illustrates the importance of coming together in moments of struggle and hardship, but more importantly, the realization of power obtained once we, as a whole, find unity. Adiemus: We will draw near, opens visually with a separated body of individuals, quickly coming together to show the awesome energy of an undivided entity. Through the production, separation continually occurs, always coming back to a solid foundation.   Karl Jenkins wrote his music with traditional Eastern European themes and integrated them into Western percussion rhythms further illustrating the product that can be obtained through uniting as one.

Band Director: Mark Tietjen
Assistant Director: Bryan Conrad
Visual Designers: Bryan Conrad and Sam Schlaich
Visual Instructor: Sam Schlaich
Visual Technician: Dylan Miller
Battery Instructor: Rick Wallace
Front Ensemble Instructor: Heather Brown
Colorguard Instructor/Choreographer: Leanne Muller

Hanford High School
Richland School District
Richland, WA
AAA-L Division
Falcon Marching Band
3:45 PM

Kevin Swisher, Band Director

The Hanford High School Marching Band proudly presents their 2007 marching show “Journey to the Centre of the Earth.”

The three movement show artistically depicts Jules Verne’s novel Journey to the Centre of the Earth.

Movement I: Mining Through the Earth’s Crust – Beginning with a view of the
earth and stars from afar, a solo trumpet introduces the center of the earth and the notion
of digging to the core. The sun sets gloriously upon the band and the field is filled with
hard-working miners. Shades of green and brown help to depict the erratic and
unpredictable expedition through vegetation and soil.

Movement II: Arrival at an Underground Cavern – Breaking for a moment from
their intense work as miners, the band reaches a magnificent underground cavern filled
with silky blue water. The movement ends as the band takes a quick rest before
beginning their final push to the core.

Movement III: Reaching the Core – After bringing back the intense mining
theme from Movement I, the ensemble confronts a struggle from within depicted by a
divided band. The red, orange and yellow shades introduced by the colorguard illustrate
the intense heat of the core. A final struggle finally brings the group to the center of the
earth in a glorious ending.
Drum Majors: Thompson Vou, Nick Rice, and Marie
Colorguard Captain: Jill Clark
Band Manager: Alex Smith
Music: Journey to the Centre of the Earth by Peter Graham
arranged by John Lack and Kevin Swisher
percussion by Paul Lack and Chase Waller
Drill Design: John Lack and Kevin Swisher
Head Director: Kevin Swisher
Assistant Director: Nathan Simmons
Colorguard Coaches: Kristin Swisher and Emily Clark
Percussion Coaches: Chase Waller, Rachael Blake and
Emmanuel “Cookie” Olaiya
Wind and Marching Coaches: Mallory Anderson, Peter
Blake, Adam Hancock, Ronnie
Vance, and Chris Ward
Choreography: Amy Scuito, Kristin Swisher and Emily Clark

The Hanford High School Marching Band would like to thank all the parents, coaches, and
administrators who have helped to make this year’s marching season a success!

West Valley High School (Yakima)
West Valley School District
Yakima, WA
AAA-L Division
Ram Marching Band
4:00 PM

Ron Gerhardstein and Maegan Ley, Band Director

The West Valley High School Ram Marching Band field show is titled A Knight's Journey. Music is composed by Scott Hickey, percussion by Brady Sark, and the drill was written by David Cook. The three movements of A Knight's Journey are titled Commencement, Adversity, and Triumph. The Ram band is directed by Ron Gerhardstein and Maegan Ley. Color Guard is instructed by Lorie Holtey and assisted by Susan Jacobson and Susan Gleeson. The band is led on the field today by drum majors Erica Buege and Jeff Grothe. Color guard captains are Danielle Gleeson and Ashley Weaver.

Recent awards for the Ram Marching Band include 1st place AAA division, best winds and brass, best marching, and best auxiliary at the 2006 Pacific Northwest Marching Championships. In 2005, the Ram Band was awarded 1st place AAA-small, best percussion, and best marching at the Harvest Marching Festival. Additionally, West Valley High School concert and jazz ensembles have a long tradition of fine performances at regional festivals and competitions. The members of the Ram Band would like to thank all of our parents and families for your support of our West Valley band program.

Pasco High School
Pasco School District
Pasco, WA
AAA-L Division
Pasco High School Marching Band
4:15 PM

Russ Newbury, Band Director

Band Information Sheet
Pasco High School Marching Band and Colorguard

School Name: Pasco High School Band Name:Pasco High School Marching Band
City: Pasco      State: Washington
Director: Russ Newbury    Assistant Director: John Nelson, James Bennett   
Band Size    115 Total       Guard Size: (24 included in total)
Drum Major(s): Emma Winkler and Breanna Nelson
Color Guard Captin(s): Hannah Polomsky and Darcy Calhoun
Color Guard Instructor: Loralee Newbury, Anna Newbury, Adrienne Barton    Brass Instructor: John Nelson, John Owen, Bruce Brown
Marching Instructor: Rudy Guidry    Woodwinds Instructor: Rudy Guidry
Percussion Instructor: Chris Newbury, Matt Henderson, James Bennett
Show Title/Theme: “My Picasso”
Composer/Arranger: Russ Newbury, Chris Newbury
Drill Designer: Russ and Loralee Newbury

Pasco High School Marching Band
Show Announcement 2007 (and program expose)

The Pasco High School Marching Band’s show, “My Picasso,” is an original composition for marching Band, written by director, Russ Newbury, choreographer Loralee Newbury, and Percussion arranger Chris Newbury. The four movements are titled: “The Artist,”    “Rest,”   “The Three Dancers,” and “The Sculptor.” The movements are named after four of Pablo Picasso’s paintings by the same name. Pablo Picasso, born in Spain in1881 is, un-questionably, one of the world’s great artists.

“My Picasso” is a collaboration of the various ensembles of the standard marching band.   In our production, the football field is transformed into a canvas, upon which the band, color guard, and percussion float as if brushed. Framed as sculptures, painted characters, and gesture drawings, the group explores new methods of movement adapted for the genre of outdoor performance we know as marching band. Hand painted flags evoke images of Picasso while maintaining independent artistic expression by our flag painters Loralee Newbury, Anna Newbury, and Rob Billings.

Drum Majors for this years production are Emma Winkler and Breanna Nelson. Color Guard Captians are Hannah Polomsky and Darcy Calhoun.

Assistant Directors for PHS are John Nelson and Percussion Instructors, James Bennett, Matt Henderson and Chris Newbury. Other staff includes brass instructors John Owen and Bruce Brown. Marching instructor is Rudy Guidry and Assistant Choreographers are Adrienne Barton, and Anna Newbury. Production Assistants are Kevin Geyer, Brad Goranson, and Chris halls.

Drum Majors for this years production are Emma Winkler and Breanna Nelson. Color Guard Captians are Hannah Polomsky and Darcy Calhoun. The “On Field Warm-up” was written by band members Jose Lazaro and Eluid Ayala (El-uu-eed,I- ah-la).

“Ladies and gentlemen,

Please extend a warm welcome to Drum Majors Emma Winkler, Breanna Nelson and the Pasco High School Marching Band and Color Guard.”