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Harvest Marching Band Festival

Saturday, October 19, 2019
Zaepfel Stadium

Band Program Descriptions - Draft

Toppenish High School
Toppenish School District
Toppenish, Washington
Novice Division
THS Wildcat Band
9:15 AM

Derek Gore, Band Director

Directors: Derek Gore & Joshua Yohe
Percussion: Joshua Gianola

Joshua Sandoval & Andrew Sandoval

The THS Wildcat Band is proud to present their 2019 field show, "Back to the Future: A Musical Journey Through Time." Sit back, relax, and head back in time with us to witness the "Birth of the Blues." Then, travel forward with us as we journey to a "Land of 1000 Dances," and finally arrive to the modern sounds of the King of Pop himself before we "Beat It".

The THS Wildcat Band would like to thank our supportive parents and community, as well as our amazing administrators and school board members. GO CATS!

Enumclaw High School
Enumclaw School District
Enumclaw, Washington
A Division
Enumclaw Marching Band
9:30 AM

Benjamin Barker, Band Director

Benjamin Barker, Band Director
Eric Parker, Drill Design
Gary P. Gilroy, Music Design
Percussion by Nate Hunt
Cheryl Richenburg and Cassaundra Grove, Color Guard
Drum Major: Savannah Mickelsen
Wind Captain: David Lenton
Drumline Captain: Cole Strichertz

Show Title “Outside the Box”

Show description:
Ladies and Gentlemen: Please be sure to keep your hands, feet, and mind OUTSIDE the box for the duration of this show! Join the Enumclaw Marching Band as they get a little quirky, and show you an entirely new and exciting perspective! Think unconventionally, experiencing the joy, confusion, and success that can come from approaching problems from a new perspective that emphasizes imagination and creativity!

Naches Valley High School
Naches Valley School District
Naches, Washington
A Division
Ranger Marching Band
9:45 AM

Jeremy Bennett, Band Director


Change is always happening throughout nature and the world. This exciting show takes you on an ever-changing journey through music inspired by master composers.

Mvt. 1: Beginnings (Inspired by The Metamorphosis Suite by Philip Glass)   
Mvt. 2:The Transformation by Luke McMillan
Mvt. 3: Variation on a theme by Haydn by Johannes Brahms

Music By Luke McMillan
Drill By Jeremy Bennett

Drum Majors: Keeli Shakespear and Madison Hyatt
Guard Captions: Kaitlyn Guthrie, Caitlin Busey, and Shelby Devore

West Valley High School (Spokane)
West Valley School District
Spokane, Washington
A Division
West Valley "Eagle" Marching Band and Color Guard
10:00 AM

Jim Loucks, Band Director

Jim Loucks - Director
Ashley Bell - Visual Instructor
Shawn Anderson - Percussion Instructor
Whitney Temby-Sturtevant - Color Guard Instructor

James Layman - Drill and Visual Design
Jay Dawson - Musical Arrangements
Brian S. Mason/Shawn Anderson - Percussion Arrangements
Whitney Temby-Sturtevant - Color Guard Choreography

Kris Curtis - Woodwinds
Larry Pittman - Brass
Sam Wollenhaupt - Pit Percussion

Cameric Wood, Senior
Kira Smith, Junior

Enter the magical world of LA NOUBA where anything is possible, and where dreams become reality. Our show begins with the energetic DISTORTED, followed by the ever calming REVE ROUGE, and ends with the dramatic URBAN.

Let the magic and festive spirit of La Nouba carry you away!

Kennewick High School
Kennewick School District
Kennewick, Washington
AA Division
Kennewick Marching Pride
10:30 AM

Jon Miller, Band Director

Music Selections:
The Ascension
All by Robert W Smith
Music arranged by John Meehan

The Kennewick High School Marching Pride is proud to present our 2019 program, INFERNO!

Highland High School
Highland School District
Cowiche, Washington
AA Division
Highland High School Scottie Marching Band
10:45 AM

John Straehle & Kevin Madson, Band Director

John Straehle & Kevin Madson, Band Directors
Highland High School Scottie Marching Band
2019 Program: INFECTED

Band Director - John Straehle
Assistant Director - Kevin Madson
Drumline Instructor – Steven Busby
Color Guard Instructors – Breanna Potts & Abby Potts
Band Arrangements – John Fannin, Matt Hightower & Josh Powell
Percussion Arrangements – Josh Powell
Drill Design – Brent Johnson
Music Choreography – Timothy Zeiss
Color Guard Choreographer – Owen Butler

Drum Major – Joel Acosta
Color Guard Captain – Kimberly Bommersbach
Battery Captain – Gwen Rydberg

AWARDS:         1st Place Yakima Sunfair Parade 2019
1st Place Bremerton Armed Forces Day Parade 2019
Gold Medal winner 2018 Spokane Lilac Parade
GENERAL INFO: Highland HS is a class 1A high school just west of Yakima. Their enrollment is 320 students grade 9-12. The Scottie's receive numerous awards from around the state. This April they will be performing in Disneyland. They would like to thank the communities of Cowiche and Tieton for their continued support.

1.        INFECTED Mvt 1
2.        INFECTED Mvt 2
3.        INFECTED Mvt 3

Inspired by the popularity of The Walking Dead, INFECTED draws upon the zombie mythos. An outbreak spreads throughout the winds, percussion, and color guard that create visual and musical changes. It begins with a lone individual, patient zero, and eventually overtakes the entire ensemble. Join the Highland Scotties as they try to survive the INFECTED.

Richland High School
Richland SD
Richland, Washington
AA Division
Bomber Marching Band
11:00 AM

Jason Rose, Band Director

The Bomber Marching Band is proud to present our 2019 program, ARE YOU AWAKE?

The show begins with their character being lulled to sleep by a music box, only to realize that she's in a nightmare. Following her nightmare, she experiences a more peaceful dream in the woods along a stream. The show beings in an etherial dreamscape with music from Philip Glass and Eric Whitacre. Our character struggles to wake from this mystical dream and gain consciousness. As she realizes she can control her dream world, we hear the rock anthem "Dream On," and she finally awakens to reality.

Richland High School Bomber Marching Band
Green and Gold

Drum Majors: Alex Patters and Carmen Witters
Color Guard Captains: Hannah Van Tiger and Aryana Baxter

Director: Jason Rose
Assistant Director: Rudy Guidry
Auxiliary Caption: Ariel Gruzs
Percussion Caption: Rebecca Iedema
Front Ensemble Coach: Tyler Figueroa
Percussion Assistant: Merisa Pfau
Visual Caption: Brianna Martini
Choreography: Tori Carroll
Drill Design: Kary Etherington

A.C. Davis High School
Yakima School District
Yakima, Washington
Exhibition Division
Buccaneer Band
11:15 AM

Brian Beck, Band Director

Music Selections:
John Mackey

The A.C. Davis Buccaneer Marching Band is proud to present in exhibition our 2019 program, unBROKEN.

Change is a part of life. It is often a violent, uncomfortable, and upsetting experience that eventually leads to new opportunities and perspectives. The 2019 A.C. Davis Marching Band seeks to explore change and how we grow as individuals and as groups though this process of transformation. Mvt 1: Chaos. Mvt 2: Shattered. Mvt 3: Renewal.

Pasco High School
Pasco School District
Pasco, Washington
AAA Division
Pasco High School Marching Band & Colorguard
12:00 PM

Heidi Hanes, Band Director

Show title: "I Have a Dream"
Music Composition: Christopher M. Grant
Drill Design: Eric Parker
Choreography: Jill Clark & Lanae Parker
Props: Ryan Rickman

Directors: Heidi Hanes & Matt Larsen
Woodwinds: Andrew James, Katelin Crowner
Brass: TJ Sawchuk, Jacob Sanders, Omar Garcia, Christopher Babinski
Battery: Eliud Ayala Jr. & Tim Zilar
Front Ensemble: Eden Davis

Drum Majors
Maggie Rickman, Sergio Gamboa, Antonio Rodriguez
Guard Captains
Britney Johnson & Emy Fraire

Show Description
Join us through music as we march with Dr. Martin Luther King through the year 1963. Our show begins in 1963 with the tragic bombing at a church in Birmingham, AL (Bach "Little Fugue") where we are angry and saddened by these events. We move into our new normal exclaiming "Equal Rights for All" (Ray Charles, "What I'd Say") and then enter a period of reflection (Foo Fighters, "My Hero") where we are hopeful for the future. Finally, we march together (American the Beautiful/We Shall Overcome) alongside Dr. King because we do in fact know that "We shall overcome, someday."

Mt. Spokane High School
Mead School District
Spokane , Washington
AAA Division
Mt. Spokane High School Wildcat Marching Band
12:15 PM

Sy Hovik, Band Director

Music Selections:
Featuring the music of Hans Zimmer and
Elton John with movements 1. Stampede, 2. Conflict, 3. Shadowland, and 4. The Circle of Life.

The Mt. Spokane High School Marching Band, Color Guard and Dance Team are proud to present our 2019 program, KINGDOM.

Under the direction of Sy Hovik and Andrew Savage, the Mt. Spokane Wildcat Marching Band brings you a striking performance showcasing visual and musical exquisiteness. Based on the famous film and Broadway production of Disney's The Lion King, our show strives to transport viewers to the Pridelands. We hope you enjoy our 2019 production, KINGDOM.

Wenatchee High School
Wenatchee School District
Wenatchee, Washington
AAA Division
Golden Apple Band
12:30 PM

Jim Kovach, Band Director

Chiawana High School
Pasco School District
Pasco, Washington
AAA Division
Riverhawk Marching Band
12:45 PM

Peter Blake, Band Director

Music Selections by Jeff Chambers:
Mvt 1…We Choose to Go!
Mvt 2…Rewrite the Stars
Mvt 3…The Eagle has Landed

The Chiawana High School Riverhawk Marching Band and Color Guard are proud to present our 2019 program, SPACE RACE.

July 20, 1969 ushered in a new era in World history as Apollo 11 landed on the moon and Neil Armstrong uttered his famous words. Not only was the moon landing a huge leap for science, it was also a result of an outrageous goal set by a young leader, a renewed sense of exploration and hope, and a common sense of pride for a nation divided by war and civil rights.

We invite you on this journey as we walk in the shoes of American giants through creating a vision, rewriting the stars, and ultimately conquering the challenges of a world beyond our own.

Central Valley High School
Central Valley School District
Spokane Valley, Washington
Open Division
Central Valley HS Marching Band
1:15 PM

Eric Parker, Band Director

“X” Marks the Spot
Music Selections:
"Lisbon" - Sailor's Song from Lincolnshire Posy
"Prologue" from the film "Hook" (John Williams)
Symphony No. 7, Mvt 2 (Beethoven)

The Central Valley High School Marching Band is   proud to present our 2019 program, “X” MARKS THE SPOT.

X Marks the Spot is the swashbuckling adventure of pirates, danger, and adventure on the high seas. We hope to entertain and thrill you with everything you'd expect from our wild rebels with a few twists.

We are thrilled to share the field with so many wonderfully dedicated performers. Everyone - instructors, designers, and parents - works so hard to entertain the audience and support crazy band directors with an enthusiastic "yes!" It takes teamwork to get here today. But most importantly, the stars of today - students! Way to go! You all inspire each other to great depth to make our communities better through sharing art and passion. We hope everyone is enjoying the show so far and we plan to set sail here shortly.

Hanford High School
Richland School District
Richland, Washington
Open Division
Falcon Marching Band
1:30 PM

Russ Newbury, Band Director

Hanford High School Falcon Marching Band

Directors: Russ Newbury, Adam Hancock, Loralee Newbury
Show Theme: Serengeti
•        Life in the Serengeti
•        Drought-The Barren Land
•        The Rains Return
Musical Design Team: Russ Newbury, Chris Newbury, Nathan Martini, Kelly Brown

Visual Design Team: Russ Newbury, Adam Hancock, Loralee Newbury, Kelly Brown, Amy Hancock

Choreography: Loralee Newbury, Jenny Clay, Kelly Brown

Wind Staff: Russ Newbury, Adam Hancock, Alex Hancock, Adam Muhlestein, Matt Horstman, Sarah Horstman, Fiona Estrellado, John Fickle, Gillian McFall

Percussion Staff: Front Ensemble Coordinator- Kelly Brown, Asst.-Josh Brown, Battery Coordinator-Nathan Martini, Asst.-Paul Martini

Visual Staff: Adam Hancock, Adam Muhlestein, Gillian McFall

Colorguard Staff: Loralee Newbury, Amy Hancock, Jenny Clay, Jill Clark, Hannah Gray, Kanisha Castillo, Aly Brines

Drum Major: Korey Tucker

Assistant Conductors: Canon Briggs, Hugh Rollison

Colorguard Captain: Lisa Hu, Rifle Captain: Allison Coleman, Flag Captain: Anna Zimmel

Group Size 135, Colorguard 42 (Included in group size)

Awards, Honors and General Information: The Award-Winning Hanford High School Marching Band and Colorguard represent one aspect of the well-rounded, and intentionally diverse, music department at Hanford High School. The group was the sweepstakes winner at the 2017 WSU Marching Band Competition in Pullman, Washington and has received numerous top placements at competitions throughout the northwest. The dynamic HHS Colorguard has received numerous top finishes over the past ten years and, in performance, features hand painted silk flags by Loralee Newbury.

The four HHS Jazz Ensembles, three Concert Bands, and three Orchestras have produced regional front-runners in festivals and competitions both regionally and nationally. The 2018-19 HHS Wind Ensemble was selected to perform at the prestigious 2019 “All-Northwest Music Educators Conference” in Portland and the HHS Chamber Orchestra will be a featured performing ensemble at the “National “ASTA” Festival in Orlando in the spring of 2020.

Booster Board: President-Shelly Sizemore, Vice President-Treah Pierce, Secretary-Michelle Watt, Treasurer-Teresa Coats, Food: Valerie Mohr, Stacey Jones, Uniforms: Evah Ann Powelson, Volunteers: Stacey Jones, Treah Pierce

Sumner High School
Sumner School District
Sumner, Washington
Open Division
Sumner High School Spartan Marching Band
1:45 PM

Joe Carl, Band Director

    The 2019 Sumner High School Spartan Marching Band Staff includes Band Director Joe Carl, Color Guard Staff Ellen Carl and Laurie Selle, Drumline and Drill Instructor is Emmanuel Olaiya and Luke DeDominces instructs the Pit Percussion. Drum Majors are Wynter Barnette, Christina Buchanan, Nicole Capps, and Angela Statler and Color Guard Captains are Matthew Magbanua and Sierra Blair.

    The Sumner High School Spartan Marching Band performs nearly year-round. Over the past year, this group has performed in numerous events, including the Daffodil Parades, the Sequim Irrigation Festival Parade, the Seattle Seafair Torchlight Parade, the White Rock BC Sea Festival Parade, the Washington State Fair Rodeo Parade, and was awarded the Sweepstakes Award for Best Band at the 2019 Portland Rose Festival Grand Floral Parade in June. These students will also be performing at the Honolulu Festival of Bands Parade in March 2020.

    The Sumner High School Spartan Marching Band is proud to perform their 2019 Field Show Program, “Out of the Blue”, based on 3 pieces that incorporate this color into their titles. Our music includes the famous Gershwin piece “Rhapsody in Blue”, followed by an original piece by Jeff Chambers, “Out of the Blue”, and ending with a piece made famous by the Electric Light Orchestra, “Mr. Blue Sky”. Ladies and Gentlemen, the 2019 Sumner High School Spartan Marching Band!


West Valley High School
West Valley School District-Yakima
Yakima, Washington
Open Division
Ram Marching Band
2:00 PM

Tyler Jones and Jeremy Freisz, Band Director

Directors – Tyler Jones and Jeremy Freisz
Assistant Director - Dillon Alas

Woodwind Technicians
Emma McGuire
Lucas Henning

Brass technicians:
Sarah Vetsch
Dane Holmes
Dillon Alas
Devon Brown

Percussion Supervisor: Thomas Snedeker
Drum Line Instructor: Haydn Bauer
Front Ensemble instructor: Tyler Ussery

Color Guard supervisor: Maya Botkin
Color Guard instructors: Tori Capetillo & Jared Alvarez

Show Designers:
Music: Jeffery Chambers
Drill and Visuals: Tyler Jones
Color Guard Choreography: Maya Botkin
Custom Flag Design: Morgan Hutton

Drum Majors: Lauren Reed, Irene Koreski, and Yaani Shah
Horn Sergeant: Emery DeMill

Show Title: 5.18

May 18th, 1980 at 8:32AM started the most catastrophic volcanic eruption in recent time, exploding with the force of over 1,600 atomic bombs. The Mt. St. Helens cloud of ash blanketed the region, pummeled the Yakima valley and over the following days circled the globe. US Government officials designated blast zones and evacuated all residents from the area, except for one strong-willed and persistent man, Harry R. Truman. Truman defied the evacuation notices and chose to stay at his home for over 50 years, becoming the most infamous casualty of the Mt. St. Helens eruption. Buried under 300 feet of ash and mud, Truman’s Mt. St. Helens Lodge, and Harry Truman himself, are now entombed forever under the newly formed Spirit Lake.

Eisenhower High School
Yakima School District
Yakima, Washington
Exhibition Division
Cadet Marching Band
2:15 PM

David Walter, Band Director


Music Selections of Michael Bublé:
It Had Better Be Tonight

The Eisenhower Cadet Marching Band and Color Guard is proud to present in exhibition our 2019 program, SWAY.

SWAY is an impassioned and thrilling musical adventure for the field featuring the “sultry and soulful” musical stylings of Michael Bublé. You’ll swoon in the stands from the sounds of a Latin groove, the flair of a fever, contemporary pop and big band hits.

We hope you find the suave of SWAY over the top infectious!